Monday, October 16, 2006

Crazy flips

A sampler of gymnastics, martial arts, breakdancing and stunts performed by Jonah Jones.

Moves (in order of appearance):
Headspring; Backflip; Round-off backflip; Swipe; Handspring; Pike shushanova; Standing back somersault; Back somersault to pressup; Wall jump; Running gainer back somersault; Front somersault over wall; Punch spin; Punch lazy back; Side somersault; Double 360 kick; Triple front somersault; Back flyaway; Flash kick; Dive roll; Worm; Aerial cartwheel; Front somersault to pressup; Running front somersault; Bronco; Double kick; Butterfly; Butterfly 2; Window jump; V-kick; One legged swipes; Press-up to front somersault; Gainer back somersault; Au batido; Wall flip; Hyper btwist; High back somersault; Windmill; Flic-flac; Standing side somersault; Btwist; Flare; High lazy back; Wall run; Cresent kick; Running front somersault; Doubleleg; Doubleleg over vault; Wall spin; Headspring over vault; Wall spin 2; One legged front somersault; Back somersault to back; Mini-flare; Windmill to suicide; Au batido switch; Au batido bent leg; Straight somersaults

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