Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm now famous in Switzerland :)

The local paper wrote an article based on my time lapse video of Zurich!

Tages Anzeiger - Eindunkeln im Zeitraffer

For those who don't speak Swiss-German, here's a translation via Google Translate:

"Dusk in time lapse

An English photographer has the very special atmosphere at the lakeside Zurich shortly before the collapse of the enchanted night - and the evening hours in time-lapse filming.

A summer evening at the Zurich lake. Scraps of clouds move across the sky, the water fountain by gusts of wind disheveled. Last steer boats to port, and Panta Rhei lights in all the colors on their journey to the nearest boat station. On the horizon moves slowly in the night, the lights along the lake and go along.

The English designer, filmmaker and photographer Jonah Jones was impressed by the atmosphere on the lakefront seems so fascinated that he captured with his camera has - in the time-lapse techniques. A short film about a sea, on the night's rest prepared."
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