Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Google Maps for Mobile with 3D, offline, vector maps

We've just launched Google Maps for Mobile 5, with 3D buildings, vector rendering and offline support!

Many more details and examples can be found on the launch announcement and deep dive on the official Google blog.

Some nice reactions from the press:

"New Google Maps changes everything again forever. Amazing."
Joshua Toposky, Engadget (tweet)

"If it weren’t already, Maps for Android is now quite certainly the best mapping experience in mobile."
Greg Kumparak, TechCrunch

"Google Maps 5.0 Makes Old Google Maps Feel Like Paper... it makes every other maps app—including older Google Maps and Google Maps on the iPhone—seem straight-up Stone Age."
Matt Buchanan, Gizmodo

"If you ever doubted the awesomeness of Google Maps on Android, today's update will seriously blow your mind"
Whitson Gordon, Lifehacker (tweet)

"3D Maps? Check. Offline caching? Check. Offline rerouting? Check. Wait, did they just say offline rerouting? Jebus how much is that app going to cost me? Oh right, free. Damn that is disruptive, iPhone version please!"
James Fee, GIS Blog
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