Thursday, November 07, 2013

New features in the new Google Maps!

We just launched some cool features in the new Google Maps: Waze traffic integration, helicopter tours, step-by-step previews of directions, and the return of Pegman!

Some nice press coverage:

"The new Google Maps continues to undergo incremental changes that promise to make it an indispensable interactive mapping solution" -- Adario Strange, Mashable

"Slowly but surely the new Google Maps is reaching feature parity with it's predecessor, thanks to constant updates like these. Maps isn't just about navigation, however. Google also sees it as a tool for exploration and education." -- Terrence O’Brien, Engadget

"If you’re not using IE11, Firefox 25, or Chrome 30, you’ll want to upgrade just for this [Earth Tours]" -- Emil Protalinski, The Next Web

Read all about them in the Google LatLong blog.

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