Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Google Maps is going live for the world!

Starting today we're rolling out the new Google Maps to users throughout the world!

New Google Maps

Some nice press coverage:

"The look is both beautiful and unfamiliar, but don’t worry. Over months of use, we’ve found that the new Maps is just as easy to use as the old version, if not easier. In nearly every way, the new Maps is a better experience once you get the hang of it." -- Nathan Olivarez-Giles, The Wall St Journal

"Google Maps' intuitive new design ... is a radical overhaul of the service that most of us have grown familiar with over the years. Featuring a minimalist UI based off Chrome, it's faster, more responsive, more personalized, and more integrated with related Maps services like Google Earth than ever before." -- John Brownlee, Fast Co Design

"According to Jones, the main idea behind the redesign was to make the experience as immersive as possible and to remove clutter by only giving users the information they need ... New web technologies like WebGL now also make the Google Earth-like 3D mode possible and ensure that even an app as complex as Google Maps works as smoothly as it does." -- Frederic Lardinois, Techcrunch

"It's the most powerful Maps ever ... and it's to the design team's credit that most of the features stay in the background until you summon them from the ether." -- Casey Newton, The Verge

"Elegant and modern ... The new Google Maps is intuitive to use and has become much faster. In addition there's the cleaned-up design and useful features like restaurant and flight search as well as the possibility to create your own maps and share them with friends." -- Rainer Schuldt & Virginia Kirst, Die Welt

Read all about it in the Google LatLong blog.

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